Tuesday, February 05, 2008

digging up the corpses

dear medusa, it sang all the songs for you,

with digits across strings, matching the sirens of a harp.

it didn’t sing for anyone,

for they couldn’t move her

while you pushed her to bleed vocally

with an ardent desire unmatched,

when your ears were the only audience

and you were growing light years apart…

dear medusa, you hissed and spat all over the mocking bird,

ravaged the pride and crushed the

heart, reduced it to nothing

and became an audience to others.

the impaled creature bled through time…

picked by connoisseurs to please their senses,

the bird imprecated pale baritones

while spasmodic digits moved with mechanical mellow drones…

dearest medusa, the bird wrote no more

and ate no more as it fell deeper into the limbo

where darkness was self pity and nothingness was anger.

pain amplified pain and found you attached to it;

she could sing with time but neither ardently not beautifully

but in mechanical mellow drones and painful midrange moans.

she found no solace and hoped that you didn’t either…

my lovely medusa, i am dead now.

you’ve come back but can’t haunt me but my epitaph.

i can’t feel anymore but you do…

for when i closed my eyes, past flashed and demystified them

and i had no regrets but now you do…

you don’t articulate your needle smiles but i do…

oh medusa, i will always have you around me,

like a balloon, fickle and volatile…

one prick and you’d burst to cry..


Surkhi said...

i liked it a lot cause it made me somehwhat uncomfortable...i like words that make me think like this
...a bit uneasy...something about such words...i am left wordless

blood on the ground.. said...

medusa was a bitch :P