Sunday, September 14, 2008


this conversation took place between a gentleman n me on yahoo .considering that he just dropped out of nowhere and that i wasn't ever aware if it were a he or a she,i was taken aback.

versatile_country: i love u
rightnextdoor2hell: GOOD FR YOU..
versatile_country: i really do
rightnextdoor2hell: really good for you.
rightnextdoor2hell: i am straight and currently not looking.
versatile_country: oh bloody me--how culd i fall in love wid str8{(
rightnextdoor2hell: precisely.
versatile_country: r ya serious u not lookin
rightnextdoor2hell: yes my friend.
rightnextdoor2hell: 1)im male
rightnextdoor2hell: straight.
rightnextdoor2hell: 2)im bored of this chick shit.
versatile_country: thn y dont ya com along wod galz for tym bin
rightnextdoor2hell: huh?
versatile_country: wid gays*
rightnextdoor2hell: one get ur spellings right.
rightnextdoor2hell: two
rightnextdoor2hell: grammer
rightnextdoor2hell: grammar*
rightnextdoor2hell: three
rightnextdoor2hell: learn to read.
rightnextdoor2hell: i said im straight.
versatile_country: i knw--as ya told, u bored of chicks--dats y i askd ya..neway, i no need to get it rite..
rightnextdoor2hell: grammar my friend.
rightnextdoor2hell: incomprehensible!
versatile_country: may be-- but doesnt really matter
rightnextdoor2hell: so,make out with ur pillow for now.
versatile_country: nah--i already wid a guy--i found ya int but ya jus insultd...i betr be off

and the lad finally understands...


Surkhi said...

awww...bugging the guy about shy you are...not wanting to hurt the sentiments of the gay community...thats really nice...:)

blood on the ground.. said...

i am a nice person. :P

Aapa Gulbadan said...

lolz :P

blood on the ground.. said...