Thursday, September 11, 2008


it is absolutely true that i can't forget you.
it is also true that you are forgiven as always, and i am thankful to you,eternally..

it is essential that i don't forget you..

it is definite that you are forgiven, definitive being quintessential of the words on the epitaph of our love.. and i am thankful to you for everything,eternally...

it will be a myth that i never forgot what you put me through..
it is true that you are forgiven out of nothing but absolute pity, never forgotten..
and i am thankful to you for you've made me give, you've given me this..
blood red scars on the blind..
eternal clots on my spotless mind..


Surkhi said...

This is a product of one of the most empowering mood out of the different moods of those who have been burnt...I know how it feels and I feel your bond...puke out those images on your blog dude...i dont think i could have done it better!

blood on the ground.. said...

i like the rhyme if any.i like the intention to rhyme and failure to do so :)

"n it hums a crooked rhyme"