Thursday, September 11, 2008

the object of your affection

yes,i am dipped in black,charcoal black. the one that you don't pay heed to and yet it gnaws on your inside. a mere look at me and i shall be discarded, forever disposed as nothing, reduced to nothingness..only reminiscent of your follies. a change in the design and you would find me again on the corner of your look,street,mind,world,nothingness.. i am just a disenfranchised, idealistic anarchist with morals tight and senses loose,who carries his guilty motivation around his wrist just like the younger elric would, painfully naive and yet dreaming of the inevitable,impossible. yes, i am the one way rider who shines across the street doesn't have a home; who is cold and reeks of joyous memories entrenched in sordidness..

i am nothing and will be reduced to nothing once you house me and settle your illusions down for i would throw them to the fire for you,only if you would want to believe. i am a whore in your eternity that you can use and abuse in the extenuation of your naivety. there is no eternity and i shall not even guarantee matter remotely close to it; what i can promise is that i can stretch non-eternal feelings for they are nothing but fleeting.

the hues that you love and live in are nothing but mere whims doused in paradox for me. the more i see them, the more i get away from you. i wreck and ravage pride and bleed. i am not really nice and but i do know that i really try to be nice..i am not nice at all but i somehow turn out to be nice..guess manipulation is such a bitch that i keep hovering around me.. in the darkness of the day,i give it so much and yet it dies.. i have returned to you my friend,my silly friend, my dusty porcelain..