Wednesday, October 01, 2008


this piece already exists on the other blog, but i would like to say that i like the other one more. it's not emo and i was surprised that 3-4 lines towards the end could change it so much.
nonetheless, the emo is essence, this piece looks incomplete to me. anyhow it was random and i didn't feel the urge to write further.

greed runs through the frown..
agreed that we are to drown,
a sense of happiness shrouds..
this place sinks down to the floor.

i'd eat the sodium off your mouth
before you open your eyes..
fill your lungs with hope,
before you open your eyes..

the bed changes and we are born,
the sky merges with the ground..
breathe, so inebriated in our gowns,
dance on sea-bed till we drown.

we would leave before the sky
merges with the ground..
wash our passions with blood,
sodium, i'd eat it off your mouth.
our feelings ebbed to the ground,
the names written in sand.
you don't need to breach,
this ground would scream our names aloud..
we don't have to do this..
this ground would scream our names aloud..


Surkhi said...

Ok...this is one crazy poem...and i loved it...(a frown was lining my face throughout)

blood on the ground.. said...

i think i do too now that i read it again.

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