Saturday, October 25, 2008

white butterfly

i left this one incomplete and did not want to complete it later.however,on someone's request,it was given an ending,even if unsuitable.

paint your present over my face,
cling on to the shades of the trees.
dream about the things you used to be
when you were with me..

i can't feel your touch,
a paintbrush on a ruined canvas..
i should discount the sin of this skin
for this inevitable manifestation..
i can't touch the touch while it burns away
fades away..

tunic overbleach, washed away..
pear shaped heart, sinking in washed canvas,
saturate the colors,lie down under the blue strokes of touch..

i can't feel your flutter,
a paintbrush on a ruined canvas..
you discounted the skin..
for this inevitable deliverance..
i can't see much while it painfully burns away
fades away into white,pale...


Surkhi said...

Holding on to an image, only to realise disappointment, the two don't really care for each other anymore, some miracle will make it all the same. I guess its Human

blood on the ground.. said...

i guess it's pathetic, benign, accepted and undermined.