Tuesday, November 11, 2008

conversation for the mad

i like this conversation and it might be converted into a chapter soon. i love the way two parties talk about an issue, a being, a concept but on literal and metaphorical terms respectively.

mahid: i heard its easy to get a job in India, you should be fine
5:10 PM me: haha.
ya sure
but not what u want to work in or for.
mahid: maybe
hows your writing thing coming by
5:11 PM me: well,i left home.so,yeah writing thing has stopped fr a while.i will try to peddle my book once i get settled with a job over here.
mahid: you sold that book you wrote...did u?
me: nope.
but someone stole it from my hard disk.
5:12 PM mahid: what?!!
me: yep.
family friend's son.
mahid: aww thats not pleasant
me: not really.
n he sent it to people
chicks he wanted to impress
and all that.
mahid: and what did you do about it
5:14 PM me: i called him up and gave it off to him.
he started cryin like a baby.
n he carried the copy with him.
his hdd crashed.
5:15 PM mahid: thats silly
me: n his pen drive was infected with virus when he brought it over to my place fr some music. it contained my entire book and the notes as well.
so,if he were to prove it tht it was his book,i cdnt do shit.
anyhow i cleaned the pen drive.
5:16 PM lately,he asked his X gf fr the cd he gave to her,which happens to be my book,while i am in XXXYYY,saying that he wanted to show it to a publisher.
luckily,i knew the X too well and she turned him down sayin tht she didnt have it.
mahid: damn
5:17 PM me: so,yes,i am surrounded by maggots :P
thts my story.
mahid: strange
people can be really strange
5:18 PM its about the psychological thing right....a mental hospital?
me: it starts from there,yes.
and ends there too.
mahid: and i believe you got yourself admitted in the hospital to study the pateints?
5:19 PM me: haha...
not really.
but i did enjoy my stay over there.
mahid: hmm
5:20 PM me: between mad/half mad and people thinkin that they were mad.
mahid: are these people actually mad or what
as in...what is really ' mad '
5:21 PM me: i dont know how to define them as mad.but they were mad in the wordly sense.
a lot of people that i have come across in my life have been worse.
at least these were ethical and mad.
mahid: and what kind of 'mad' stuff do they do
me: you couldn't vindicate them for what they were.i found them to be poor,innocent and unaware.
5:22 PM well,they basically do fun stuff you know.
mahid: like
me: like..
say they are on their trip.
and lost in their own world.
though i came across a lot of sad ones too.
they become sad when they are being treated as patients.
5:23 PM when they are labeled as 'diseased'.
the entire social drama comes into action.
they think of themselves as maggots,im sure.
5:24 PM mahid: what drives them to , what we call madness
me: the bitch they call society.
5:25 PM society is raising maggots u know.
mahid: exactly
me: social
n tht too with a cuisine!
mahid: lol
me: i am tellin u.
5:26 PM mahid: i agree, completely
me: every house in the society has a different moral functioning.
from one house to the other,the morality changes.
so,does the taste.
there is no generic definition for anythin anymore.
i cd explain it with a simple example,if i may?
5:27 PM mahid: yea go on
me: for example.
in india,we have a contorted vision of modernisation.
modernisation of women is often(mostly) attached to clothing(read bare clothing) of women.
5:28 PM so,if i were to come across a woman who said tht she was modern when she wearin something revealing,i am supposed to 1)not ask that question for i am exposed to the risk of being hammered 2)understand that modernism for her or many people is about clothing.
5:29 PM the term modernism in itself talks about the ideology of havin a modern approach.
so,if i were to not think like the woman,i could be subjected to 2 things.
1)i am narrow minded.
not modern
5:30 PM 2)i am modern in my own sense.since modernism as a concept is holistic,there are other things that come under it as well.
so,that gives birth to selective or relative modernism.
that's the difference in taste.
and appearance
hence they have a different cuisine.
makes sense?
5:31 PM mahid: yea, does
me: so,that's what the society is doing.
adopting western attitude in respect to almost everything and losin out on their identity in the name of evolution.
5:32 PM i have been given many reasons to support the clothin trend in india.for example,indians were always comfortable with exposin their mid riffs..saarees..etc etc.
mahid: its very wrong to use the term 'mad' for such people and keep them caged and like you said label them as diseased - They choose their own taste of living which should be respected
me: n india's culture has always been affected by the invaders.
so,in short we don have a culture :P
5:33 PM well,they try to..but the problem occurs when they find someone in the non-mad world and like them.
mahid: debatable , but true in a way
me: so,mad vs. non-mad is horrific.
mahid: agree
me: of course it is debatable..but boring.hence i didnt pursue the conversation and simply smiled.
5:34 PM and mad people are in minority,mind you.
a minority which dsnt have rights in the true sense.
in the end,the mad ones become the social normal ones..
n they die slowly
every passingmoment.
but yes they do exist.
5:35 PM mahid: how many of them are mad to the extent of harming someone
me: depends how you look at it.
if converting someone is harmful,they are murderes.
mahid: i mean murder or physical attack
me: naah..the ones i came across weren't sane enough do that :P
5:36 PM mahid: haha
me: we would be talkin about psychopaths..
they dont exist in hospitals.
they live in jails.
mahid: ok
ok now
me: yes?
5:37 PM mahid: you got me confused....what is the difference between psychopaths and the mad ppl
me: mad ones are not psychopaths.
poor people
they look like vegetables in the hospitals.
i pity them.
aimless peices of meat.
they are mad in their own sense.
psychopaths-they are out to harm.
5:38 PM i am talkin about inane/mad/senseless people.
mad is too mild a term to use.
mahid: so psychopaths are the actual mad people
me: hence i use them for depressed mentally ill people.
well,psycopaths are mad to the power of infinity!
reaching a limit of dementia.
5:39 PM mahid: is the term 'mad' true for the one's in hospitals?
i dont think so
me: approaching homicide behaviour.
aaaaaawww...nooooo..they are mentally unstable/ill patients/people :P
5:40 PM i call them mad for they are free of social labels.
mahid: hmm .. but the society also cages them
me: society will cage anything that is close to anarchy..
5:41 PM and which society are we talking about?
the menu on the platter one?
mahid: the society we live in - the social bindings and ethics we follow - the general society
me: they bloody dont know the difference btw morality and morality when show in the mirror,just because its look the oppositte.
5:42 PM i live in a shit hole psuedo-modern-righteous-@*****e society.there are only gray areas over here.
mahid: true
me: probably thats the only reason why i like islam so much.it's black and white if you want to see it that way.
5:43 PM and its no crime to live like that.
but then you are the odd one out.
mahid: haha ... agree
me: i wish everyone dies soon and the day of judgment is here.
Qayamat aaye and sab mar jaayein.
lets see heaven n hell.
5:44 PM mahid: lol - now you are becoming a psycopath yourself
me: nooooooooooooo..
i am just a nice person who wants to save the human race from sinning :P
na rahega baans,na bajegi baansuri :D
mahid: lol
5:45 PM me: my intentions are th best!
mahid: hmm
me: you wanna read a poem i wrote?
mahid: mail it to me
me: aaaay
too much effort.
ill copy paste naaaaaa.
5:46 PM mahid: i am running late for work
will read it and get back to you
me: then run lola run.
i am sorry for keepin you off it.
mahid: naah, i am intrigued by the 'mad' world too
me: haha..
i suggest u stay away.
5:47 PM it is contagious.
mahid: ill try
me: and a failure.
mahid: see you later then - bye
me: seeeee yaaa


Surkhi said...

This is a nice and very "open" way of posting stuff...nice...i like it.

blood on the ground.. said...

but open wd mean?why r u comments always loaded? :P

madiha said...

ekdum jhakkaas!

blood on the ground.. said...

ek dum aapki tarah, PATAKHA!! phatta to qayamat :P