Saturday, April 18, 2009

he sleeps the day away
puts his luck to fade
always in a rush
never serious
he'll laugh at you and take you as a fool

he lives the night's day
smiles through it everyday
and all his dreams are crushed
forever angry
he'll fuel his hate and never let it cool

feelings are choked, swarming like bees
friends are for whim, burning like his skin..
he never makes it through and he knows what he's capable of

living others' dreams
with no clue and hope..
he won't make it through..
he never makes it through..
and i've let him loose..


Surkhi said...

Good ol' alter like this one

scenes from a memory said...

now tht i read it again, i do sense the alter ego which i probably didn't term as earlier if not realise.
thank you my friend. your comments are always insightful.