Monday, August 10, 2009

sophi's roof -1

i admire how the mere absence or presence of a line or a word changes or adds meaning to anything. obviously the other version is some place else. below is the one without that extra bit.

once, upon a tin corrugated roof..
raindrops on the steps, fall and bounce
cold air, shallow pool overflows..
sound of rain beats against the ground..
drops rub against each other..
raindrops on the steps flow down..
shallow pool overflows..
in sophie's world under the tin corrugated roof.


Nepthys said...
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Nepthys said...

The boy who stole the rooftop.
had now a twinkle in his eye,
the rain had shattered his whereabouts,
but the rooftop hid him dry.

In a simple praise he sang himself,
before he could imagine why,
people should be laughing they always meant to cry,
that life is a parody of itself

blood on the ground.. said...

i love this.
i have waited long for this poem.
thank you so much for this and more.
those 3 words were the inspiration for the poem.

Surkhi said...

This is quite amazing...the more I read your work...the more I am convinced, more will read it someday :)

blood on the ground.. said...

convinced that i am not going to die soon? :P
my doctor has asked me to quit smoking :P
and 2 minutes later i was smoking.. lol