Tuesday, April 20, 2010


i met a striking someone today.
young and tall with no dismay.
said i knew a kin of his & he said that she died this may.
she always smiled hiding her pain,
the colors, the feelings, all she betrayed.

i could never sing in her style.
she plucked on the strings with a wry smile
hoping the moments halted to her will
smiling she stayed till her thoughts went still.

i met a someone striking today.
young and tall with no dismay.
said i knew a kin of his
said that she died 4 years ago in may.

(dedicated to someone important i knew)

we have no form, therefore we fear it, and because we are formless, we revere it.thus, we are slain..


Dyskrasia said...

It is as beautiful and as cataclysmic as the person written about.

blood on the ground.. said...

oh! yes, you know the person. i wonder if she really were cataclysmic. you barely knew her.

jansua said...

It's beautiful my friend..

blood on the ground.. said...

though not as beautiful as you, i still thank you for feeling so, my friend :)

Amit Singh said...

A soliloquy..is it? though it is beautifully composed, m not sure i quite got who it is about. i have an idea though, i may be wrong...but what is left in being right?

blood on the ground.. said...

yes, it is.. a soliloquy.. indeed it is.
you don't know the person.though i have mentioned her to you, however in the passing only. so, you could be right as well. the only person who brings me to a convulsion of different emotions.

Amit Singh said...

Oh! ok. I think I have more than an idea now. But my friend, it is nice to see you write...that even poetry.

blood on the ground.. said...

thanks. i appreciate the encouragement masked in compliment

Anonymous said...

Sort of haunting, but still has a touch of celebration of the person. It makes me want to know much more about them.

blood on the ground.. said...

well, i have been itching to know more about the person as well if not about the writer or the kin.