Thursday, May 13, 2010

mad elizabeth

mad elizabeth - though work is in progress on it, lots has happened meanwhile. the week has been eventful for example, N called(i called her when i got her number).who's N? will tell ya later. so, yes, i have been tied and really busy. however, this post was supposed to be about mad elizabeth, right? and so it will be,but after a few days. till then this sms exchange between the two of us is worth praise.
before i share this mad exchange of messages, i must give you the background to what happened;well i shall give the background in short and relevant only to this flurry of love notes exchanged. i was talking to her the other night on the terrace, smoking under the star lit sky. after the conversation was over on a rather unpleasant note i suppose, i went back inside and watched some anime. post that i thought i'd smoke one last for the night and hit the bed. i went to the terrace again to smoke. it was close to 3:45am. when i came down from the terrace, i realised that i had been locked out :)
now here are the messages from last night or pre-sunrise period for today. i shall obviously leave out the ones that i think aren't fit for public display. also, one might never know who m.e. or ME is. hence, it's safe. i hope she doesn't kill me for this. i know she won't kill me. but i couldn't contain myself from sharing this even if it is on my blog that no one cares to visit. i had to share it with someone.

ME- Ok italics. Here we go... blah blah... As in like NOW. Thank you. Yes, there's more you can do - stop trying to protect. Thank you VERY much.
and i am thinking, "haye allah! is ladki ko kya hua yakayak?" abhi to ek dum theek thee. yeh sadma? kya haadsa, kya haqeekat? by the way i am also smiling to myself while reading the messages. lying on bed in the dark and reading absolutely funny messages specially when the intentions of the sender weren't even close to that at all, can bring out all emotions that tend to indicate towards funny. anyhow, while i am smiling to myself, message 2 hits the screen and isn't close to amusing as compared to the first, i keep enjoying the first one. message 3 is here already.
ME- And that bullshit - you're'll find someone wonderful for yourself and then you can really be happy - you will want to come stab me/him first.
this message actually woke me up from my fit of humour. why would i ever want to stab anyone who's happy? this was what i wanted to reply to. but, no :P there were loads to come.
4- ME- i hope you're locked in the loo today. And they don't give you food for days. And drown your cigarettes in the bucket full of water beside you.
5- ME- also your match stick. I hope they take your internet connection n make you cook in the house. Not let you go out. Also when you try slipping out,which you of
6- ME- course will, may you trip on a banana peel and lose your memory of the past 8 years. May your hair start falling. I hope you never find the right size of the
7- ME- clothes you buy. May you run out of balance at the most crucial time of a discussion.... You get my general idea now i hope.

honestly, i didn't get the idea but i couldn't stop laughing for the same. it was so funny! and i'm thinking, "bakhuda! kya nautanki hai " :P
anyhow i finally type my message and sent it. it was - i have never seen love turn to vehemence and vengeance (so fast).
bas, yeh message kya kiya, bawaal ho gaya! i was being funny. i did not put a smiley at the end.
6- ME- What were you thinking when you started talking to me?Entertainment :-X

i am sort of sleepy by now and the messages were coming in 5 minutes or so. my eyes are shut and then PING! you've got a message! by the way, i am laughing in my sleep to message 6 as well.

7- ME- Now why don't you answer you vehemont. what did you want from the start?

now , i am still considering the option of taking this to be humorous. it' funny right? i couldn't understand what vehemont meant. i guess it should have been a noun looking at the sentence structure. but then vehement is an adjective. i don't know really. anyhow, i still laughed my head off and probably said cute nothings to myself while falling asleep. i woke up today and read the messages again when i had to take a break from my boring studying schedule. gawd! they are so cute n funny. it's like a 16 yr old kid who has written it.
anyhow i gotta go for now. this is the most non-formal, horrible language skills post i have ever written. will write after 2 or 3 days about ME. till then later.

we have no form, therefore we fear it, and because we are formless, we revere it.thus, we are slain..


Still Waters said...

Lol. Your escapades. :P

blood on the ground.. said...

yeah, i guess i'm still a kid.
she's a sweetheart though. young and restless sweetheart. kid.