Saturday, July 10, 2010

mad elizabeth and crazy charlie

A:"have i told you about the story about mad elizabeth and crazy charlie?".
B:"no. is it even worth listening to?"

they sit on the pavement along the highway, sipping tea from their Styrofoam cups, watching the trucks and other heavy vehicles pass by. amidst the noise from the vehicles, interrupted conversation followed between occasional exchanges and offers of cigarettes and silence.

A:"does life have a greater purpose?"
B:"i don't know whether it is greater than something smaller"
A:"what is smaller?"
B:"whatever you placed below the greater one"

silence prevails yet again. more vehicles pass. a fight breaks up between 2 drivers, which was a common occurrence at roadside tea stalls on highways. both eyed the commotion askance and got back to their styrofoam cups, the cigarettes and silence.

A:"i meant greater than what is there. i meant greater than what we are, have been or will be"
B:"the answer is subjective"
A:"don't bullshit!"
B:"what do you want me to say? there is god yet we haven't seen him. there is a vast universe which we haven't explored yet. there is more bad than good. bad is more realistic and evident as good. the only thing that is good is created by us in our heads - god, ethics, righteousness, morality, right, truth- i mean all of it."
A:"you can't compare god and all that to all of this"
B:"i am saying that it's intangible"
B:"i don't hate god. i am not a cynic either. god is nice. god is great. god is intangible."
A:"pass the cigarette pack, would you?"
another cigarette is lit and the silence is robbed by the vehicular noise again.

A:"let's go. we have miles to go before we sleep"
A stood up dusting the jeans and sandals.
B:"poetry, eh? what about the story?"
A:"which story?"
B:"some elizabeth and charlie story you were about to tell".
A manifests a smile, a wry one and B reciprocates it with nothing, absolutely nothing but a silent look.
A:"tangible is nothing and the woods aren't deep, not yet..neither is their story, no, not yet..."
A looks at the sun setting in the far horizon. there is no appreciation in the eyes yet a smile, always a wry one.
B comes close to A and stands there looking at the horizon with absolutely no emotion at all.
A:"let's go, mom"

they begin to walk off and away from the horizon, hands in hands, minds in minds where silence neither screamed or wept, with the styrofoam cups in each one's hand.

it's a's a's a buzz..

we have no form, therefore we fear it, and because we are formless, we revere it.thus, we are slain..


Anonymous said...

I like this, especially as a dialogue. It's very thoughtful, I wonder if it's possible to respond to these questions more in other writing.

blood on the ground.. said...

all in good time, my friend.maybe all in good time.