Wednesday, December 15, 2010

i know you know that we do.

why do you come to my door and leave your foot prints?
why do i go to your door but knock and leave?

why do you come here and say nothing?
why do i seek you and yet tell you nothing..

i guess this is what they call 'the chemicals between us..'
and i know you know that we do too..

the poetry that comes from the squaring off between, and the circling is worth it.
finding beauty in the dissonance.


d'kay floss said...

I shall now step to break our promise, ye did not keep.
I hitched before posting this after the knowledge of the raising ashes, but this desire to avenge got the better of me.

It took me 5 days to empty the water from the windows of my house. I shall row in it, to paths unknown...
and we shall always know...

blood on the ground.. said...

what took you so long? :)

d'kay floss said...

I waited for a warmhearted blow.
The really warm one.
Now that I'm struck, I wonder, what would I do of this joy.

I could spill an ocean, but how'd the destruction hold back?
Hence, it's contained.

...and still I wonder, if the dreams come when someone's thinking of you.
...and still I wonder, if you'd be taken by silliness and would reply to this, yet again.

blood on the ground.. said...

i expect you not to ruin your sleep over this. i request you not to.please.
i shall reply when i have something of equal worth to say.

blood on the ground.. said...

i'm really at a loss of words here.
i can't seem to come up with something that will be at par with your piece.
it is my loss..yet again.

spill the ocean if you have to..there's always a drought somewhere..
even in your silliness and your dreams, my replies and thoughts are enclosed always.. :)

blood on the ground.. said...

and i found the reply albeit not my words..
Long afloat on shipless oceans
I did all my best to smile
'Til your singing eyes and fingers
Drew me loving to your isle

And you sang, 'Sail to me, sail to me, let me enfold you.
Here I am, here I am, waiting to hold you.'

Did I dream, you dreamt about me?
Were you hare when I was fox?
Now my foolish boat is leaning
Broken lovelorn on your rocks...

d'kay floss said...

I left pieces of me in this place,
I shall come at will to savour its beauty...

and still, the same old

*laughin' out loud*

blood on the ground.. said...

savour what you want..all you want..whichever way you want..

there's not much here but lots of ellipses and ashes..take as much as you want.

p.s.- i hated that song..always :)
now that i look back, i feel it was the right thing to do.

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