Monday, June 27, 2011


He smiles. He smiles less and laughs more. He laughs less and ridicules more. He ridicules less and mocks more. He does all of this to none but himself.

He’s like a seed with an ego layered one beneath the other.

With each layer, came off an irking trait more so by the nature of its origin than itself. The first thing he learned to do was think, then to laugh, and then to mock.

He thought of everything with him as the centre of it. He laughed at everything with him at the centre of it. And he mocked everything, of course, with him as the centre of it.

It started with the late 80s, went on to the late 70s and reached the 90s. The madness started and ended at cobain, but spiraled out into extreme cynicism towards everything in existence around him. It was a grunge fueled road to love for absolute and then to nothing.

A few years of mocking turned into an imperfect amalgamation of indifference and hatred stacked neatly beneath layers.

Yes, I am talking about him.

And all he does now is laugh, mock and disregard on the inside..with thoughts that are linear, controlled and inhibited..all of it buried deep beneath layers of layers..of layers..

the poetry that comes from the squaring off between, and the circling is worth it.finding beauty in the dissonance..

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