Tuesday, November 15, 2011


everywhere i stop and everywhere i look and...and turn around..
everywhere i stare and sing a song..
everywhere i feel the callousness uncovering the skin..
and everywhere i go, i leave a cliche behind..

sometimes, i can't avoid the light..
sometimes, i can't fight..
but darling when you hold me down tonight..
we could laugh a bit, we could cry and die a bit..
you could poke fun, make merry and fuck me again bit by bit tonight...

but darling everywhere i go, i feel weighed down and left behind.
everywhere i see, i find a simple life that suits us just fine..
and i feel like peeling off..

so, i leave yet again...on the road traveled by some..
the book of poetry and the black box of our ashes in hand.
humming away a crooked rhyme..
without 'our' penny or dime..
sleep, my love, hold on tight..

everywhere i'll go, i'll stop and look around...
i shall smile and sing a song that suits us fine..
everywhere i go, i leave a cliche behind.. :)


Anonymous said...

nice...ure getting better with time.

blood on the ground.. said...

nice enough for you?
would you be my marla singer?i'll be your durden.

Anonymous said...

fight club eh?...you wish...

blood on the ground.. said...

dear marla
u want me to ruin your day or night?
choose wisely if you are able to.
wretched peace

I've always had that name, I always will said...

@Anonymous : Should you stop and consider why it gets 'better' with time, I dare not glance at you, for I might just catch glimpse of the most guilty falcon from the devil, paid vulgarly to kill 'good' and leave it at the mercy of 'better'.

blood on the ground.. said...

just about perfect.

fear innoculum

why? 'There is an awful warmth about my heart like a load of immortality..'