Tuesday, April 03, 2012

7.1 - double helical

Se7en is a collection of seven random stories, narrations or conversations as you may like to call them (or whatever suits you or the entire world). They are conversations between the known and the unknown, the real and the surreal, the living and the dead.

Each of them may or may not be followed or preceded by a song of their own. All opinions, expressed if any, are fictitious and are not really meant to harm anyone’s psychology. That is beyond the scope of the rubbish here..

There is no discounting. There is no return. No, i wouldn't want it that way.
They are everywhere i go. They are always in my head. They feel like a burden i can never rid myself of.
They are the we of me..

1. double helical

It wouldn't have happened. It wasn’t likely to happen, but it did and when it did, it had waited for 2 years before either of them could come together in what seemed to take forever, but never impossible; it happened. It was a wait and quite a long one too and now they sat across a table in a restaurant with their faces facing each other and their souls lingering somewhere. He pretended that it didn’t bother him. They were dressed up strangely or as they liked to believe about each other, but they didn’t stand out too much. There were so many people around that he noticed while she didn’t. He was preoccupied while she wasn’t..or maybe she was and none of us knew about it. She smiled a lot and he made sure that she did for he had learnt to pass slow moments with beautiful smiles and ridiculous behaviour of which he wasn't proud at all, anymore. So, he was easy going. He cracked a few jokes to make the conversation easy for it was well known to him both by experience and the company he kept that the life of the conversation was directly proportional to the amount of time he invested in it – interest level had nothing to do with it and the other party’s interest was a variable factor. Yet they struck some sort of a lost chord and played it on and he intended to keep doing so as long as it didn’t lose the tune. It was their first meeting and maybe their last one too.

He liked her a lot or used to and she liked him a lot or used to, but they liked each other’s company before they got bored. The ice-cream had melted already not that it was any great, but it wasn’t his decision entirely. It was her decision. He made her take it.

There was no self-obsession. There was no self-indulgence. They were running out of conversation. He was about to for sure, but it was time to leave already.

They sat across each other, talked about their past, present but no future. They didn’t have one. He didn’t carve one out.

They sat facing each other and yet they didn’t. It was the first and maybe the last time it would really happen.

And they left each other in their own heads with their bodies facing every other thing but them.

human kind can not gain anything without first giving something in return. in order to obtain, something of equal value must be lost. that is alchemy's first law of equivalent exchange.

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