Wednesday, January 02, 2013



her body wove contours of fantasy in his thoughts and engraved the blueprint of a perfect world in his heart. he lay next to her, admiring her existence in his life and how much he had changed to be a better person for her. he had assumed a responsible role for her and for them. he had given up his vagabond existence for them. sometimes, he thought how lucky he was to have her and how lucky he was to return to what everyone wanted him to. it was raining heavily and their bodies were engaged in a passionate hug: one that was quintessential of a love that occurred when the guitars jarred the right notes even on overdrive, a love that screamed only when the vocals were pitch high and in congruence with a twenty two piece drum set, a love that connected the dots in life like the bass that came in subtly and left with a heavy impact to every note..

he didn’t want to know about the complications of love and thereafter and neither was absorbed with the existence of a life hereafter. he was in the moment- lost and controlled. he felt her body was colder than his. the grass beneath was wet and their bodies were drenched. her lips were cold, but she was colder still..and they hardened as time passed by. he was content that they were together. she wasn’t leaving him and he wasn’t either..she wasn’t that cruel or maybe she was out of practice..

human kind can not gain anything without first giving something in return. in order to obtain, something of equal value must be lost. that is alchemy's first law of equivalent exchange.

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